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Kenya Summer 2011 | Photo Credit: Elisa Morgan


Hello. I’m Jennifer James, the founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good. Thank you very much for stopping by.

You may know me as the founder of the Mom Bloggers Club, one of the world’s largest sites for moms who blog, or editor of Mom Blog magazine, or you may not know me at all. Perhaps you are wondering why I decided to start a site that rallies mom bloggers for social good.

Since 2010 I have been fixated by the notion of collective voices working together to make measurable impacts on weighty issues. That year while covering Mashable’s Social Good Summit in New York I wrote:

I finally hit upon an epiphany! Global issues about poverty and education, world hunger and sex trafficking, as examples, don’t need to be solved by me. Rather, they can be solved when intelligent, conscious people bring ideas and solutions to the table and then people like me (bloggers) move those ideas and solutions through the Net. That is where the power of change really happens.

I believe that to this day.

Less than a year after I wrote those words I traveled to Kenya as a member of ONE Moms, a trip that changed my perspective on the world and challenged me to do more to help others.

Mom Bloggers for Social Good provides opportunities for mom bloggers to use the social media and blogging platforms they’ve created for good as well as travel on insight trips to see the good work our partners are doing here in the United States and around the world.

Thank you again for your interest in Mom Bloggers for Social Good. I would love to hear from you. Contact me at


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