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Video: Maternal Health Care After Nepal’s Earthquakes

If there is one thing we’ve seen over the past month or so after the earthquakes in Nepal in April and May is there is an overall concerted effort to help women who are expecting babies during the aftermath of the natural disaster.

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The Critical Stance on Raising Vaccine Awareness Abroad and at Home

By Lisi Martinez Lotz PhD, Program Director, Vaccine Ambassadors

Vaccine Ambassadors was created by parents and healthcare professionals in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of immunizations for all children, whether living in an area where vaccines are part of routine care or where this resource is far less common. By becoming Vaccine Ambassadors during their clinic visit, parents are able to give to the global community, while also engaging in a conversation with their pediatrician on the value of immunizations.

Our program speaks to the issue of under vaccination. In many areas of the world lack of access leads to low vaccination rates, while in others it is a direct consequence of misinformation. Vaccine Ambassadors offers parents a meaningful way to make an impact in the lives of children who otherwise would go without life-saving vaccines, while also highlighting the need for vaccines in our local communities.

Polio vaccination in POC 3 at UN House
Polio Vaccination Campaign in South Sudan Polio vaccination at the UN-House Protection of Civilians (PoC) 3 site in Juba, South Sudan. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan is conducting the fourth and last round of its national immunization campaign for 2014, with the support of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and working with local non-governmental organization Magna. The campaign is targeting children aged 0 – 5 years and aims to immunize 2.4 million children nationwide. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

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Introducing Our Newest Partner: Kangu.org

kanguorgWe are proud to announce that we have partnered with Kangu.org, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for safe births for pregnant women and newborns worldwide. The WHO estimates that every day 1,000 women die in childbirth. And for every woman that dies, another 20 experience life altering harm.

Kangu lets anyone with $10 to give become part of the solution.

At www.kangu.org, users can search profiles of pregnant women (initially in India, Nepal, and Uganda) and fund a specific woman’s access to high-quality healthcare before, during and after childbirth. These services are proven to reduce maternal mortality by up to 80%. Kangu transfers donations to vetted on-the-ground hospitals who provide patient-centered healthcare services and then share updates on the funded woman and the outcome of her birth.

Kangu’s innovative fundraising platform unlocks a new source of capital for hospitals and non-profit organizations, expands access to life-saving services for pregnant women in need, and creates an easy and meaningful way for individuals to have an impact on an issue close to their hearts.

“Kangu is thrilled to partner with Social Good Moms to reach millions of moms who are creating connections and community online,” said Casey Santiago, Founder and CEO of Kangu. “Social media, given power by the voices of mom bloggers, makes it possible to truly live in a global village. Kangu makes it possible for anyone to become a positive force in a woman’s birth story. At Kangu.org, you can see photos and stories of specific pregnant women in Asia and Africa. And with as little as $10, you can contribute to funding her access to high quality, compassionate health care. We built Kangu with the belief that the world’s moms, and those that care for them, would come together to end preventable maternal mortality. Partnering with Social Good Moms enables Kangu to broaden our community of moms helping moms, and to further spread our message of making the world a smaller, safer, more just place.”

We are equally thrilled to partner with Kangu and its innovative approach to maternal health. As mothers we believe in helping other mothers no matter where they live. Social Good Moms and Kangu working together will provide a powerful way for everyday moms to assist in safe births for other everyday moms. I can only see amazing, meaningful impact happening through this partnership.

Learn more about Kangu at kangu.org and on our partner page.

Our Newest Partnerships: Oxfam America and Kangu

Oxfam AmericaWe are always thrilled to work with some of the best NGOs and nonprofits in the world. Today, we are announcing our newest partnerships with Oxfam America and Kangu. We look forward to working with Kangu to spread the word about maternal health and healthy pregnancies in developing countries in both Africa and Asia. And we look forward to working with Oxfam America to raise awareness about food security, poverty, hunger and injustice.

Join us in welcoming them to our community of committed moms around the world who believe in using their voices as catalysts for good.