Social Good Moms and the Global Team: Our Weekend at Blogher

The largest women’s blogging conference, Blogher, just wrapped last weekend and we were there to join our friends at Save the Children for an intimate dinner at Phil Stefani’s in Chicago to discuss the lifesaving and uplifting work they do around the world for women, children, and families. I also spoke at the dinner and shared photos and experiences I have had visiting Save the Children sites in Ethiopia, India, and Zambia.

While the photo above doesn’t show everyone who attended the dinner several members of the Global Team of 200 including Nicole Melancon, Jennifer Barbour, Amanda Moutaki, Stacey Weckstein, and Kristine Brite (not in photo) were there. Also in photo: Tanya Weinberg and Phil Carroll of Save the Children.

Additionally, in a video address to BlogHer, Melinda Gates urged women bloggers to use their influence for good. In that address Gates mentioned Mom Bloggers for Social Good and the work we’ve done this year to spread the word about newborn health. That was a nice surprise indeed!

Thank you, Melinda Gates, for recognizing our community and the work we do for mothers and babies.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Oh how I wish I saw you at BlogHer. That would have been the icing on my cake! I look forward to (hopefully get a press pass) at Social Good in NYC and paying it forward through your network.

    PS I loved finally meeting my online friend Jennifer Barbour at BlogHer!


    1. So glad you got to meet Jennifer. She is fantastic! I wish I could have seen you, too, Cathy. Maybe we can catch up in NY in September. Looking forward to it.


  2. anotherjennifer says:

    I’ve already said this many times, but this dinner was the highlight of my BlogHer experience! I’m looking at the Social Good Summit as well. We’ll see!


    1. So glad, Jennifer. I loved it and was happy to meet you in person finally!


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