UNICEF Features Fantastic Breastfeeding Images

During World Breastfeeding Week UNICEF shared knowledgeable breastfeeding infographics along with beautiful photos of breastfeeding mothers on Facebook.

Whenever I travel to low or middle income countries I always see scores of breastfeeding mothers and their children, but those numbers could be greater in order to save more babies. Simply breastfeeding gives babies an increased chance of survival and thriving. A lack of trained health workers, cultural stigmas, packaged formula, and a lack of education about the health benefits of breastfeeding all culminate to equal lower breastfeeding rates. Simply by breastfeeding (especially during the first hour after birth) newborns have a 14x greater chance of survival.

1079041_10151790442814002_1693165550_o (1)


All photos: UNICEF

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ayesha says:

    Beautiful story and images!


  2. These photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with your readers. This is an amazing campaign to jumpstart healthy nutrition from the beginning.


  3. katbiggie says:

    Those are beautiful!


  4. Melanie says:

    The photos are beautiful and inspiring. These awesome, Madonna-and-child images should be seen by all mothers. I’m sure they will, as well touch pregnant women around the world as to begin advocating and practicing (if they haven’t yet) breast-feeding for their babies .


  5. There is one formula advertisement in one of the pictures! by the way the pics are beautiful.

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