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Jennifer James is the founder of Social Good Moms, a global coalition of 3000+ mothers who care about pressing global issues. She has written over 70 articles for the Gates Foundation and has written about women's and girls' issues for ELLE and Cosmo South Africa and Huffington Post's Impact. She has been named a Fast Company Most Generous Social Media Maven, a Nesta Mother of Innovation (UK), and a social media gamechanger. She is a recipient of two International Reporting Project fellowships to Zambia and Tanzania and a National Press Foundation Vaccine Fellowship. James has reported about global health from Haiti, Brazil, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, the Philippines, and Zambia. You can contact Jennifer at

Partner Spotlight – More Than Me

I am so excited to count More Than Me as a Mom Bloggers for Social Good partner! More Than Me helps young girls in the slums of Liberia go to school. It is not easy. After years of civil war, rife poverty, and living in a society that does not value education for girls, More Than Me faces an uphill battle to get girls in school, but they have worked tirelessly to do that. Read some of More Than Me’s student bios.

In a recent blog update on the More Than Me blog, Katie Meyler, More Than Me’s founder, mentioned that one of the girls had been raped. Unfortunately the reality of rape and prostitution is inevitable for many girls. It is heartbreaking. Despite this, More Than Me is working to get young girls off the street and into classrooms.

I have two daughters (11 and 13) and I cannot imagine a life for them living in fear or rape or prostitution and not being able to go to get an education, but this is the daily reality of girls in West Point, Liberia. That is why More Than Me’s mission is so critical to the success of these girls as well as the future of their country.

I can’t wait to spread the word about More Than Me.

Want to volunteer your time and birthday to helping young girls in Liberia? Visit the More Than Me web site to learn about ways you can get involved.

Rally for Rare Disease

February 29 marks World RARE Disease Day.

1 in 10 Americans are affected by RARE disease and more than 350 million people are affected worldwide. 75% of RARE diseases affect children and 30% of children with a RARE disease will die before their 5th birthday.

The Global Genes Project is a grassroots effort to bring more awareness to the rare disease community as more awareness will lead to more support and funding which will aid in developing treatments and cures. Currently only 5% of rare diseases have any sort of treatment; there are no cures.

What you can do:

  1. Join the “1 Million for RARE” movement and like the Global Genes Project Facebook page:
  2. Tweet @GlobalGenes. Use #1Mil4RARE
  3. Forward to a friend!

Our Newest Partner —

I am extremely thrilled to announce that Mom Bloggers for Social Good’s newest partner is! is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

When I was in Kenya last summer I saw how important clean water is to everyone who lives on the continent. The fact that there isn’t complete access to clean water everywhere was staggering.

And it’s equally hard to comprehend that over 4 million people die from water diseases every year. We often take for granted that we don’t have to walk miles to get water and spend time to boil it and that we have access to clean water in our homes. We just cannot fathom living without clean water and sanitation until you see it.

I met this mother and her son in Kisumu, Kenya last year. She told us she had to walk two miles to get water for her entire family. Two miles! Process that for a moment.

Everyone deserves access to clean water and sanitation. It’s a basic human right. 

I cannot wait for members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good to spread the word about the great work does for people the world over.

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