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Maternal Health Heroes Summer Series Interviews

Throughout the summer we will speak with some of the most notable maternal health advocates in the world ahead of the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference that will be held in Mexico City between October 18 – 21, 2015. Follow the conversation at #MHHSS. Read all of the interviews below.

Liya Kebede
Interview with Liya Kebede, Founder of the Liya Kebede Foundation

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Featured Social Good Mom: Nicole Melancon

I believe strongly in giving back and the power of using my voice to promote change. The more I see of the world, the more I understand how critical it is to help improve the lives of others in need. Joining Social Good Moms has changed my life.  It has opened my eyes to issues that I never knew existed and has made me realize that together as a community we have a voice and we can help people around the world by using it on social media.  It is a powerful feeling!

Nicole Melancon

Featured Social Good Mom: Liz Cleland

IMG_20150805_191718Why do you enjoy being a member of Social Good Moms?

I love reaching out and connecting with other moms who have the same values and views towards life.

Why do you believe in doing good through social media?

I always say my son has to grow up in the community we reside in.

Liz Cleland

Featured Infographic: Our Social Media Impact For the Week


We always maintain that having a community of socially-minded mom bloggers is the key to informing everyday people about critical global issues that they may otherwise not know about. That is important to us. Our members do this primarily through their social engagement with their followers and readers as well as through blogging. See our weekly report in real time.

This week we spread awareness about Save the Children’s #GetReady campaign, SOS Children’s USA’s push to help Syria’s children, Tim Matsui’s continued work to bring awareness to sex trafficking and Pangea’s new Social Good webinars.

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