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Each week we spread the word through social media and blogging about the amazing work our partners are doing for those in need. Please feel free to browse through our action campaigns to make a difference through a simple tweet, blog post, +1, or status update. Every little bit helps!

Blog Action Day: Raising Voices Against Brutality, Inequality in Education & Other Worldwide Injustices

We live in an amazing time in the world. Technology has changed so much about the way we live and what we now consider to be basic necessities. But beyond things like cell phones, iPads, text messaging and email, one of the most important ways that technology has impacted our lives is that it has given people all over the world a voice.

As the “new media” revolution continues to evolve, web-based content creators are increasing in numbers and taking full advantage of the many opportunities to connect, share and report on pressing issues that are capturing the attention of the world at large. Online sharing has not only had a huge effect on the messages that get communicated to the masses, but also on the demographic that receives the messages. Issues and stories that were once relegated to short blurbs in the Culture section of the local newspaper, now have the ability to gain viral traction simply by being discussed on a popular blog or podcast.

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Social Good Moms Spread Peace and Kindness For a Great Cause

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Ten Social Good Moms have worked on the Martin Richard Bridge Builder campaign presented by generationON and sponsored by Hasbro. The campaign is in honor of Martin Richard, the eight-year-old who was tragically killed when the second of two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Martin Richard

Social Good Moms are spreading peace, good deeds, and kindness to their friends, readers, and followers, and most importantly, to their children.

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Burundi Artisans Continue Trade Despite Looming Civil War

Ever since sitting Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza said he would seek a third term despite it being unconstitutional, there has a been mass exodus of Burundians into the hills and surrounding countries due to the country’s infighting. Today a countrywide election took place even though the youthful opposition vehemently protested against a presidential election. Explosions, gun fire and deaths have plagued the landlocked country.

Even through these contentious times, artisans from All Across Africa have continued to make wares in order to sustain their livelihoods. “We faced the choice between giving up and abandoning a large team and hundreds of artisans and their families or to soldier on,” said Manuela Kuehr, All Across Africa Burundi country director. “The choice is not easy, especially since we do not know what the security
situation looks like until we wake up every morning and there is a constant danger of “something happening”. May this be a grenade attack or fighting.”


All Across Africa’s weavers, with the help of the United Nations Development Program, have pleaded to continue working even amid the political tension and violence. They have created bracelets that say “handwoven with love”. These bracelets are literally sustaining households with income. A set of three costs $26.

Featured Infographic: Our Social Media Impact For the Week


We always maintain that having a community of socially-minded mom bloggers is the key to informing everyday people about critical global issues that they may otherwise not know about. That is important to us. Our members do this primarily through their social engagement with their followers and readers as well as through blogging. See our weekly report in real time.

This week we spread awareness about Save the Children’s #GetReady campaign, SOS Children’s USA’s push to help Syria’s children, Tim Matsui’s continued work to bring awareness to sex trafficking and Pangea’s new Social Good webinars.

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Featured Video: Help Your Child Stay Connected During a Disaster

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Did you know that Katrina led to 5,000 reported missing children and it took seven months to connect the last child with her parents?

This summer, during the height of the hurricane season Save the Children wants parents and their children to be prepared should disaster strike again. Save the Children is imploring parents to make sure their children have an emergency contact card with not only information for local family, but also family who live out of town. This is critically important because during disasters local networks and telephones lines are usually down. Being able to call family who are not affected by a storm is important to connect children back to families.

Make your emergency contact form for free at