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Women and Environmental Sustainability

This June the UN will hold high-level talks about developmental sustainability at the Rio  + 20 conference.  One of the key issues that will be on the agenda is women and environmental sustainability.

In the developing world women are disproportionately reliant upon forests for the well-being of their households (Forests and Gender) whether it is gathering firewood,  fuel, fibre and/or medicines (FAO).

The women’s working committee who will speak on behalf of women worldwide have put the following action items (Women Rio+20) on the table:

  • Gender equality in all spheres of our societies: education, employment, ownership and control over resources, access to justice, political representation, institutional decision- making, care giving and household and community management.
  • Respect for human rights and social justice: building societies based on respect for human rights of all people, ensuring social protection, sustainable livelihoods and environmental security, and fair distribution of the earth’s natural and economic resources.
  • Environmental conservation and protection of human health: creating societies which function within the earth’s ability to support life and human livelihoods, preventing disruptive climatic changes as well as pollution and contamination of ecosystems and human settlements.

Follow the conversation and updates at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development’s Women’s page.

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Rio + Social: A Social Media Conference for Social Good

The United Nations Foundation* is hosting a global social media event, Rio + Social, on June 19 in Brazil the day before world leaders converge upon Rio to discuss weighty issues surrounding sustainable development. From discussing the environment and climate to food stability and the world’s oceans, high level talks will take place at the United Nations’ Rio + 20 conference. Rio + Social is intended for new media leaders to discuss viable and sustainable ways to better push forth solutions to these global problems through social media and technology.

Coming on the heels of the annual Social Good Summit held in New York City each year, Rio + Social is again in partnership with Mashable and the 92nd Street Y in addition to support from Ericsson, EDP, and LiveAD. Rio + Social promises to be the largest social media and technology event in South America. Key speakers at Rio + Social include Ted Turner, Pete Cashmore, and Fabio Barbosa among others.

Visit for more information.

Rio + Social will be streamed online so everyone can participate.