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Donate to the Without a Fight Film and Support Carolina for Kibera

Our partner, Carolina for Kibera, an international non-profit working to alleviate poverty, develop leaders, and catalyze positive change in Kibera, Kenya, one of the world’s largest slums, is asking for your help in this week’s action campaign. They are launching a new fundraising campaign to help finish up post-production on Without a Fight a documentary featuring CFK’s Sports Association.

Without a Fight follows youth from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds as they prepare to compete in the final championship game of the season, organized by the community-led non-profit Carolina for Kibera. In order to play, teams must include players from each of Kibera’s five ethnic tribes. Despite a long history of violent conflict between these tribes, every soccer match manages to end without a fight. The teamwork and mutual respect needed to bridge Kibera’s ethnic divides start on the soccer field.

Carolina for Kibera is inviting supporters of the film to join their honorary crew. Crew members and a “crew position” of their choice will be listed in the final credit roll of the film. More importantly, funds raised from Without a Fight film screenings and DVD sales will be used to support the Carolina for Kibera soccer tournaments that are making such a difference in the lives of Kibera’s youth.

All donations are tax-deductible, and when crew members register before March 4, our donors will automatically match their donations – up to $10,000!

Action Campaign – Help Raise Diaper Funds for Babies, Toddlers, and Special Needs Children

Our partner, Atlanta Diaper Relief, is dedicated to making sure that mothers do not have to put soiled, reused diapers on their babies and that mothers don’t have to make the choice between food and diapers. That is an all-too-common reality for many families, especially in this economy.

Atlanta Diaper Relief is a 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to distributing diapers to poor families in need. They are a diaper bank and through their diaper drives collect diapers and distribute them to Cobb, Douglas, Gwinnett and Fulton County families in need with help from partner agencies like daycare centers and food pantries.

“While we receive thousands of diapers we receive very few financial donations and it’s tough for us to maintain operations,” said Kia Morgan Smith, founder and CEO of Atlanta Diaper Relief. “For instance, although we have plenty of diapers in stock I had to purchase pullups size 4t-5t this week for special needs kids because we absolutely do not have that size in stock. And to have to make that purchase with the limited money we have is tough.”

Please spread the word about how others can help Atlanta Diaper Relief help families in need with diapers.

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Donate to @ATLDiaperRelief and help babies, toddlers, and #specialneeds children in need of diapers! #socialgoodmoms

Living in Poverty In Developing Nations Means a Life in Flux

When I went to Kenya with the ONE Moms last summer we visited the Mukuru kwa Njenga slum in east Nairobi. Like all slums we saw makeshift housing, some barely 10 x 10 rooms that housed entire families. We also visited the Mwangaza Tumaini school that taught some of the brightest children I’ve ever seen. Their zest for life and exuberance for learning was infectious especially when their classrooms were void of much light and the children live in dire poverty.

Today I received a tweet from David Kamau, an education specialist with a NGO in Nairobi slums. He informed me that the school may be demolished. Since last weekend there has been mass demolition of the slums because the people built their homes on private land.

Three people have already been killed and others are protesting the demolition of their homes and livelihoods.

At this point I don’t think the school has been demolished. All I can do is hope that the school remains intact. The children need it!