Announcing #MaternalHealthChat Starting November 8 With Jacaranda Health

We are very pleased and excited to announce our new weekly chats all about maternal health with some of the leading maternal health experts, researchers, practitioners, and organizations in the world under the #maternalhealthchat hashtag. Starting on Tuesday, November 8 at 1 PM EST with Jacaranda Health we will host 30-minute chats each week all about maternal and reproductive health…

Featured Member: Desiree Miller

I believe in using my blog for social good because I consider it my responsibility to improve the lives of others if given the opportunity.  If even one reader sees my message and takes action, it’s worth my time and effort on the blog.  Plus, it feels good to do good. Desiree Miller

Featured Video: Social Good Moms Gets Mention in TED Talk

Alison Fine, the author of Matterness: What Fearless Leaders Know About the Power and Promise of Social Media, recently gave a TED Talk and mentioned Social Good Moms and our community of moms. See the mention at 9:56. Thank you, Alison!

Featured Infographic: Our Social Media Impact For the Week

We always maintain that having a community of socially-minded mom bloggers is the key to informing everyday people about critical global issues that they may otherwise not know about. That is important to us. Our members do this primarily through their social engagement with their followers and readers as well as through blogging. See our…

Video Member Feature: Samantha Sophia

For the next few weeks we will feature videos of Social Good Moms and members of our Global Team of 200 sharing why they love being a part of our community of moms. The first mom that we’re featuring is Samantha Sophia. Follow her at @raisingself. “I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a corporate…