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Featured Infographic: Our Social Media Impact For the Week


We always maintain that having a community of socially-minded mom bloggers is the key to informing everyday people about critical global issues that they may otherwise not know about. That is important to us. Our members do this primarily through their social engagement with their followers and readers as well as through blogging. See our weekly report in real time.

This week we spread awareness about Save the Children’s #GetReady campaign, SOS Children’s USA’s push to help Syria’s children, Tim Matsui’s continued work to bring awareness to sex trafficking and Pangea’s new Social Good webinars.

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Video Member Feature: Samantha Sophia

For the next few weeks we will feature videos of Social Good Moms and members of our Global Team of 200 sharing why they love being a part of our community of moms.

The first mom that we’re featuring is Samantha Sophia. Follow her at @raisingself.

“I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a corporate professional, I’m a blogger and I am a Global Team of 200 member. In my little Southern California neighborhood, you couldn’t imagine that there were any people in the world suffering from extreme poverty or inequality. I drive through manicured communities, sit in a modern office overlooking perfect skylines, and Instagram the abstract beauty of the hipster farm to table restaurant I went to with a gal pal for lunch. To see me now, you couldn’t imagine that just one generation ago, not a member of my family had ever gone to university. You can’t see that my seeming success is propped up by generations of women with no access to something as basic as an education.

I’m a Global Team of 200 member because I care about my global community, because I have a deep desire not to turn away from but face reality head on and be a part of a conduit for social change. I am a Global Team of 200 member because I believe our collective voices have power enough to move the mountains of adversity and struggle faced by our brothers and sisters across the world.”

Social Good Moms Impact Report: March 30 – April 5

The idea behind Social Good Moms from day one has been to rally a community ofconscious bloggers who believe in using social media and blogging to spread awareness about the most pressing global issues, especially those that affect women, children, and families in a sustainable way. And beyond that it has always been important to scale our efforts as a community of committed mothers to reach as many as we can through the power of the Web.

Starting today, we will put together impact reports that show our progress periodically to gauge how far we’ve come, how far we can go, and to also encourage more mothers to join us in our social good efforts.

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News: Social Good Moms is Now 3000 Members Strong

3000membersThe Mom Bloggers for Social Good community recently surpassed 3000 members!

We have always said that the greater our numbers the greater our impact! As the Social Good Moms community continues to grow the more good we can do collectively to spread the word about important issues like world and domestic hunger, maternal health and mortality, newborn health, HIV/AIDS and its opportunistic infections, malaria, water and sanitation and a whole host of global health and development issues.

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