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The Plight of Female Frontline Health Workers

We have written at length about the power of frontline health workers from documenting female frontline health workers in Ethiopia to discussing the importance of their work as they provide health care to those without access to health centers and hospitals. While we know that frontline health workers are pivotal to the overall health of a country, it is also important to note that many put their lives on the line in the name of global health.

Today news emerged from Nigeria that nine female polio health workers were killed by gunmen. There are only three countries where the polio is endemic – Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Female health workers in Pakistan were also targeted and killed in Pakistan in December and January.

The global health community is extremely close to eradicating polio globally through lifesaving vaccines, but a stubborn virus coupled with human opposition to erasing it from the planet continue to keep polio alive in Asia and Africa.

Learn more about how you can help end polio at www.endpolio.org.

UN Photo/Jawad Jalali

The Company 200 NGOs Rely on in Afghanistan

One of the standout geographical features about Afghanistan is its extremely remote areas.  Because of its mountains, harsh climates, and ruined infrastructure Afghanistan poses great difficulty for NGOs to reach some of the most remote parts of the country. In fact, many of those areas are only accessible by air. Providing lifesaving support to those living in Afghanistan is not easy and is, if fact, fraught with many travel challenges. One company,PACTEC, provides flight and communication support to over 200 NGOs in Afghanistan.

Pascal Depuhl, a Miami-based movie maker, visited Afghanistan to create a 15-minute documentary about PACTEC’s work to tell their story. Recently released you can watch the trailer below and support Depuhl’s efforts at www.facebook.com/moving.photo.

On Wings of Hope – Trailer from Pascal Depuhl on Vimeo.

Photo: United Nations

World Polio Day

Today is World Polio Day. World Polio Day was started by Rotary International and is an  annual day on October 24 where the world comes together to stress the importance of global polio eradication. The good news is polio is nearing complete eradication with only three countries where the paralysing disease is still endemic – Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India is currently one-year free from any reported polio cases.

According to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative there have been 171 reported cases of polio, down substantially from 467 reported by this time last year. The world is 99% free of polio.

What can you do to help?

  • The UN Foundation’s Shot at Life program is fundraising to vaccinate 40,000 children by Halloween. $1 can vaccinate one child. Learn more and donate here.
  • You can lend your voice to spread the word about polio eradication on EndPolio.com.
  • You can keep up-to-date on polio eradication news on the Gates Foundation’s polio page.

Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider