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Most Charitable States, Caring Cities in the US

During the holidays $511 million dollars was donated online on Giving Tuesday. That marks an increase of 28% from 2018. While the total number of charitable donations have yet to be tallied for the entirety of 2019, estimates hover around $430 billion. Given that, what cities and states are giving the most money online and volunteering the most time to charities? WalletHub dug into the statistics and discovered the most charitable states and drilled down to the most caring cities.

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International Day of Charity: 5 Ways To Improve Your Charity Online

September 5th is the International Day of Charity. Declared by the United Nations, this day coincides with the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. The idea is to promote goodwill all around the world. Here are 5 ways how the internet can boost your generosity.

1.Collect The Information Online: When starting a charity, you should have a clear mission and an accurate goal. It is vital to collect the right information so you could choose the best ways to contribute to the cause. Data will help you to plan your long-term actions. Furthermore, people will feel better when donating to a cause with a clear plan. 

Data can help you to understand your donors as well. Institute of Fundraising released a guide to data and fundraising. Guide states that increasing availability of data enables charities to understand their donors more than before. It also helps to build longer-lasting relationships. The revenue increases and it allows organizations to achieve their missions better.

2. Spread The News Online`: Once you have the information about the cause and the donors, it’s time to share the news about your charity. You should use the world wide web to make your cause visible online. You can start fundraising in a few steps with platforms for online donating, such as JustGiving

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11 Apps That Benefit Charity Through Everyday Actions

By: Andrea Nylund, co-founder of CauseTap

If you have big social conscience but a small savings account, these apps will turn your everyday actions into charitable giving. Whether you are playing games, dining out, walking a dog, or downloading more apps, you can fit philanthropy into your daily routine without spending a dime.

When you think about all the time we Americans spend on our mobile devices, about 162 minutes each day (mostly with mobile apps), it becomes clear that there’s huge untapped potential for positive impact. Why not have fun and do good at the same time? Small actions can make a big difference.

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New Survey: Moms and Charitable Giving #SocialGoodMoms

In an effort to learn more about charitably minded online moms who donate to good causes we asked 1000 Social Good Moms members about their giving habits, influence of social media and blogging on their giving, and the issues that matter most to them. The survey was sent out in January 2013 with 250 respondents.

We published some of the key discoveries on our “Moms and 2012 Charitable Giving” infographic. Keep reading below for additional survey data. If you would like to share our infographic you can grab it at this link.

Survey Questions:

How likely are you to donate online?

  • 41.77% – very likely 
  • 30.38% – likely
  • 26.58% – somewhat likely
  • 1.27% – not likely

How many times did you donate to a charity or nonprofit in 2012?

  • 55.13% – 5+times
  • 15.38% – 2 times
  • 14.1% – 3 times
  • 12.82% – 4 times
  • 2.56% – 1 times

What was your average donation amount?

  • 43.04% – $25 – $50
  • 31.65% – less than $25
  • 17.72% – $50 – $100
  • 7.59% – $100+

What prompts you to donate to a nonprofit or charity? Choose all that apply.

  • 86.08% –  You are familiar with the charity already. 
  • 75.95% – There was a natural disaster or national tragedy and you gave.
  • 65.82% – A charity launched a compelling campaign with a great cause.
  • 60.76% – You were encouraged to give by friends, either online or offline.
  • 48.10% – You read about the charity on a blog.
  • 41.77% – You heard about it via social media.
  • 13.92% –  You noticed an online or print advertisement for the charity.
  • 3.80% – There is a celebrity advocating for a charity. 

Did your family’s charitable donations increase, decrease or stay the same in 2012?

  • 44.84% – stayed the same
  • 43.59 % – increased
  • 11.54% – decreased

Are you more likely to donate to a cause if you hear or read about it on…. (choose one)

  • 44.87% – blogs
  • 38.46% – social media
  • 10.26% – TV
  • 6.41% – advertisement

What issues matter most to you? Choose all that apply?

  • 93.67% – Issues Affecting Women and Girls 
  • 93.67% – Child Health
  • 93.67%- Hunger (in US and abroad)
  • 81.01% – Education
  • 73.42% – Maternal Health  
  • 62.03% – Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 43.04% – Climate/ Global Warming 
  • 43.04% – Vaccines in Developing Countries 

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Help Us Give $2500 to Charity

State Farm along with Major League Baseball recently launched — for the third year in a row —  the Go to Bat program, an online charitable giving initiative benefitting four great charities – the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity or Teach for America.

For 10 weeks baseball fans can go to www.statefarm.com/gotobat and vote for their favorite of the four aforementioned charities. Each week one fan will win a trip to the World Series and the charity they go to bat for will receive $18,000.

State Farm recently gave us a $5,000 grant to give to American Red CrossBoys & Girls Clubs of AmericaHabitat for Humanity or Teach for America. $2500 will  be given to one of the charities of my choice and $2500 will go to the charity that all of you choose.

Now through next Thursday, August 3, Please vote for one of the charities below you would like to receive $2500 from Mom Bloggers for Social Good.

Next Friday, August 3, I will announce the charity I am giving $2500 to as well as the charity that receives the most votes from the Mom Bloggers for Social Good community. You can vote once.

Thank you for helping us make a difference for amazing charities that are helping those in need! Vote below!