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5 Maternal Health Organizations to Support Now

Every day 800 women die due to largely preventable causes during childbirth. That number is mentioned everywhere maternal health is mentioned and championed, but it always bears repeating. Until the drastic maternal mortality numbers decline the data must remain front and center. Mothers’ lives depend on us knowing the facts.

Over the past few decades maternal health numbers have effectively decreased by 47 percent, but we still have a long way to go especially in sub-Saharan Africa where most maternal deaths occur.

Large, international NGOs and governments have put their influence and resources behind saving more mothers’ lives. But, this is a big world in which we live where there are many women who still do not have access to quality prenatal health care and who must resort to delivering their babies at home which can often be fatal for them and their newborns. Some expecting mothers, especially in the poorest sub-Saharan African countries, do not have any other choice but to deliver at home due to a lack of access to health workers and proximity to a health facility.

There are countless organizations that are working diligently to ease the burden on expecting mothers in low-resource settings and are striving to save more lives. While decreasing the number of maternal deaths may seem like a Sisyphean task in the short term, there are organizations that save mothers’ lives every day! Every life matters even if the data points don’t show significant change quickly enough.

Here are five organizations we think are doing phenomenal maternal health care work and that deserve to be supported especially during this giving season.

  1. [This campaign has ended] The Safe Delivery App is a groundbreaking mobile training tool, which can save mothers and newborns in Africa during pregnancy and childbirth. The app is developed by Maternity Foundation in cooperation with leading scientists from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark.The app aims to improve the quality of maternal and neonatal care in developing countries by teaching birth attendants in hard-to-reach areas how to manage normal and complicated deliveries through animated clinical instruction films.They are raising $100,000 to scale the app. Donate to their campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-safe-delivery-app-a-life-saving-mobile-app.
  2. Jacaranda Health is a social enterprise and operates as a 501(c)3 in the US.  Their mission is to transform maternal health care in East Africa and make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women and newborns. “Jacaranda Health aims to provide respectful, patient-centered, kind and high-quality care during pregnancy and childbirth,” says Amie Newman, Jacaranda Health’s Director of Communication and Development.That’s why we love their work! Donate at jacarandahealth.org/our-approach/jacarandas-model/donate.
  3. Every Mother Counts has teamed up with CrowdRise to raise essential funds to save more mothers’ lives in the seven countries, including the United States, where they work on maternal health care and prevention of maternal deaths.
    Every Mother Counts was launched with the intention to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Donate at www.crowdrise.com/EveryMotherCounts-Tower.
  4. Midwives for Haiti: When we hear about mothers who die during childbirth they most likely succumb to hemorrhaging (bleeding to death). This is particularly sad because hemorrhaging, in most cases, is preventable. In low-resource settings, however, hemorrhaging takes the lives of countless women and it doesn’t have to happen. Midwives for Haiti has put together a program that specifically addresses postnatal care. Many women who delivered at Hospital Ste. Therese in Haiti where they work, either received no postnatal care or were sent home four hours after delivery. That is highly unacceptable and deadly.Donate at midwivesforhaiti.org/projectpostnatal.html.
  5. [This campaign has ended] Zero Mothers Die is a global partnership initiative that is equipping pregnant women in developing countries with unique mobile phones to give them access to healthy pregnancy information and healthcare that could be just a phone call away during emergencies. Their aim is to bring mobile technology solutions to pregnant women to empower them with information and enable them to seek care when they need it most.Donate at www.indiegogo.com/projects/zero-mothers-die-mobile-phones-for-pregnant-women.

We know there are countless organizations that are working with mothers to keep them alive before, during, and after childbirth, but we can’t mention them all. Please list other maternal health organizations in the comments.

Photo: UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein

New Survey: Moms and Charitable Giving #SocialGoodMoms

In an effort to learn more about charitably minded online moms who donate to good causes we asked 1000 Social Good Moms members about their giving habits, influence of social media and blogging on their giving, and the issues that matter most to them. The survey was sent out in January 2013 with 250 respondents.

We published some of the key discoveries on our “Moms and 2012 Charitable Giving” infographic. Keep reading below for additional survey data. If you would like to share our infographic you can grab it at this link.

Survey Questions:

How likely are you to donate online?

  • 41.77% – very likely 
  • 30.38% – likely
  • 26.58% – somewhat likely
  • 1.27% – not likely

How many times did you donate to a charity or nonprofit in 2012?

  • 55.13% – 5+times
  • 15.38% – 2 times
  • 14.1% – 3 times
  • 12.82% – 4 times
  • 2.56% – 1 times

What was your average donation amount?

  • 43.04% – $25 – $50
  • 31.65% – less than $25
  • 17.72% – $50 – $100
  • 7.59% – $100+

What prompts you to donate to a nonprofit or charity? Choose all that apply.

  • 86.08% –  You are familiar with the charity already. 
  • 75.95% – There was a natural disaster or national tragedy and you gave.
  • 65.82% – A charity launched a compelling campaign with a great cause.
  • 60.76% – You were encouraged to give by friends, either online or offline.
  • 48.10% – You read about the charity on a blog.
  • 41.77% – You heard about it via social media.
  • 13.92% –  You noticed an online or print advertisement for the charity.
  • 3.80% – There is a celebrity advocating for a charity. 

Did your family’s charitable donations increase, decrease or stay the same in 2012?

  • 44.84% – stayed the same
  • 43.59 % – increased
  • 11.54% – decreased

Are you more likely to donate to a cause if you hear or read about it on…. (choose one)

  • 44.87% – blogs
  • 38.46% – social media
  • 10.26% – TV
  • 6.41% – advertisement

What issues matter most to you? Choose all that apply?

  • 93.67% – Issues Affecting Women and Girls 
  • 93.67% – Child Health
  • 93.67%- Hunger (in US and abroad)
  • 81.01% – Education
  • 73.42% – Maternal Health  
  • 62.03% – Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 43.04% – Climate/ Global Warming 
  • 43.04% – Vaccines in Developing Countries 

If you would like to share our infographic you can grab it at this link.

Bamboo Sunglasses for Good

The greatest consumer satisfaction these days is knowing that when you purchase a product you will affect change for someone in need. We have all heard of Toms and Warby Parker, but have you heard on Panda sunglasses?

Panda sunglasses are high-end, ethical, sustainable, and handcrafted bamboo sunglasses currently fashioned in 5 different styles that give you the chance to help someone in need with every purchase. Lightweight and eco-friendly, one of the biggest draws to Panda sunglasses is that they float. For water lovers, this is a great plus.

At $120 Panda sunglasses are a little pricey, but the beauty comes in knowing that by paying a bit more for luxury sunglasses you will give the gift of sight to someone in the developing world through their partnership with the TOMA Foundation. Through Panda Sunglasses’s partnership with the TOMA Foundation they will provide a medical eye exam and donate a pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses to someone in need. That’s well worth every penny.

With a growing global fan base and celebrity endorsements that are quickly piling up the Washington, DC-based start-up is poised to sell more sunglasses with a purpose and positioning themselves as a major player in the buy one, give one marketplace.

Want to learn more about Panda Sunglasses? Visit them at wearpanda.com or check out their Look Book