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Greenpeace at the People’s Summit in Downtown Rio

Greenpeace, the largest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world, is having a huge presence at Rio + 20 both literally and figuratively. They brought their Rainbow Warrior ship to Rio and have been vocal about holding world officials to the environmental commitments they have already made and those that should be hashed out this week at the Earth Summit.

“Our aim is to get all banks to say we won’t make loans to oil, coal, gas and deforestation-related activity. We want to shut off the flow of capital. The time is right because the banks are at their most vulnerable in terms of public legitimacy.” – Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace (Guardian)

Greenpeace also set up a huge exhibit at Flamengo Park in downtown Rio where the People’s Summit is taking place through June 22 – concurrently with Rio + 20.

“The People’s Summit intends to unite urban, indigenous, religious, ecological and working movements from all over the planet to converge in a clear position,” said a member of the Summit’s organizing committee, Rafael Soares de Oliveira. “We believe that the solutions for the planet lie in the solutions of the people.”

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Join Moms Groups for a 30-Minute Chat About the Earth Summit

Chat Details

What: 30-Minute Chat About Sustainability with Million Moms Challenge, Moms Rising, Moms Clean Air Force, Mom Bloggers for Social Good with experts: Aaron Sherinian and Richenda Van Leeuwen
Where: Million Moms Challenge
When: 1 – 1:30 PM EST

This is an extremely important month! Rio + 20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as the Earth Summit) will take place in Rio de Janeiro between June 20 – 22. This is a critical global conference as important decisions and discussions will take place around issues of sustainability from our waters and oceans to food, women and the green economy. This is a cricial time for the future of our planet and the ways in which we all live and work with the environment.

Tomorrow from 1 – 1:30 PM EST I will participate as a co-host for a 30-minute chat about important sustainability issues as we lead up to Rio + 20. The chat will take place over at Million Moms Challenge as they lead the discussion. Other co-hosts are Moms Rising and Moms Clean Air Force.

We will be chatting with Aaron Sherinian, Vice-President of Communications and Public Relations for the United Nations Foundation (UNF) and Richenda Van Leeuwen, Senior Director of UNF’s Energy & Climate team, for a briefing on key issues and why moms need to take interest in Rio+20 outcomes.

Share Your Voice for Rio + 20 in the 6-Minute Speech Project

Rio + 20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is quickly approaching and the UN Foundation wants to deliver our collective voices during the conference in its 6-Minute Speech Project. We all know the power of social media and crowdsourcing. It allows ordinary, everyday people’s voices to be heard and scaled at proportions unheard of in the past.

At the first Earth Summit 20 years a young 12-year-old girl made a 6-minute speech that changed the world. Now in 2012 we have the  collective power to make our own speech that is just as impactful as hers. If you care about the earth and its future, women, youth, access to clean water and sanitation, energy, food production, and our oceans be a part of this global conversation through Twitter, Facebook, video and photography.

How Can You Become a Part of the 6-Minute Speech Project?

  • Tweet, post on Facebook, create a video or submit a photograph about sustainable development and what you want for your and the earth’s future.

A team of experts will compile all of the submissions into a story on Storify and present it during Rio+ Social and on the web.

Submission deadline is June 10.

Visit rioplussocial.com.br for more information.