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Featured Social Good Mom: Nicole Melancon

I believe strongly in giving back and the power of using my voice to promote change. The more I see of the world, the more I understand how critical it is to help improve the lives of others in need. Joining Social Good Moms has changed my life.  It has opened my eyes to issues that I never knew existed and has made me realize that together as a community we have a voice and we can help people around the world by using it on social media.  It is a powerful feeling!

Nicole Melancon

Featured Social Good Mom: Liz Cleland

IMG_20150805_191718Why do you enjoy being a member of Social Good Moms?

I love reaching out and connecting with other moms who have the same values and views towards life.

Why do you believe in doing good through social media?

I always say my son has to grow up in the community we reside in.

Liz Cleland

Featured Member: Desiree Miller

des miller bio picI believe in using my blog for social good because I consider it my responsibility to improve the lives of others if given the opportunity.  If even one reader sees my message and takes action, it’s worth my time and effort on the blog.  Plus, it feels good to do good.

Desiree Miller