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Bill and Melinda Gates’ 15-Year Bet For a Better World

Each January Bill and Melinda Gates release their Annual Letter. This year they are taking  a bet on the world’s future.

15 years ago the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was started and  there have been substantial improvements in global health and development since then because of its dedication to the world’s poorest people. Now, Bill and Melinda Gates believe even more can be done in the next 15 years.

More Children Will Live and More Diseases Will Be Eradicated

By 2030 Bill and Melinda Gates bet that fewer children will die from preventable disease and more preventable diseases will be eradicated, Africa will be able to feed itself, millions more will gain access to mobile banking and education will be improved by innovative software.

Today, one in 20 children die from preventable diseases. In 2030, Bill and Melinda Gates bet the number of child deaths will come down to one in 40 children. Decreasing that number will take political will from  the hardest hit countries with child mortality, new approaches and programs to keep children and newborns alive, vaccines, better health systems, and funding.


Africa Will Be Able to Feed Itself

It’s mind-boggling to know that Africa imports $50 billion dollars in food annually. Why? Because African farmers do not produce enough food currently to feed the continent. But due to its massive size and large agrarian societies Bill and Melinda Gates believe Africa will indeed be able to feed itself in 15 years . More training, better seeds, improved fertilizers, and crop rotations will lead to more yields across all of sub-Saharan Africa. That will lead to more money remaining in Africa for national and continent-wide improvements, such as increased funds to improve health systems or provide better training to farmers across the board.


More People Will Have Access to Mobile Banking 

Currently there are 2.5 billion people who do not have access to a banking account. This means these people aren’t able to keep their assets safe and it proves difficult to borrow money and pay it back seamlessly. Bill and Melinda Gates believes that in 15 years hundreds of millions of people will gain access to a mobile bank account that will change their lives and the way they save, spend, and earn money.

Education Will Improve Due to Software 

While more girls are getting an education around the world there are still too many girls who are left out of school. By 2030 that gender gap in education will sharply close. It is important to educate girls for the following reasons:


With innovative technology education will be  accessible to millions more helping them leave the cycle of poverty and to improve their lives.

Bill and Melinda Gates are calling on everyone to become Global Citizens and care about these issues. Read 2015 Gates Annual Letter: Our Big Bet for the Future at gatesletter.com.

Bill and Melinda Gates Dispel Three Poverty Myths in Annual Letter

3 Myths that Block Progress for the Poor
Like last year and in previous years Bill and Melinda Gates released their 2014 Annual Letter today. Their theme: 3 Myths That Block Progress for the Poor. Last year’s letter was all about the critical need to measure how programs work and this year’s letter explains how the data shows foreign aid does in fact work and saves lives. This, of course, is great news for people around the world who are beneficiaries of foreign aid programs and whose lives are being saved every day through innovative approaches to global health and development.

What myths do Bill and Melinda Gates dispel in their Annual letter this year?

1. Poor countries are doomed to stay poor.


Read more about myth one in the Gates Letter.

 Prediction from Bill Gates: “By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.” 

2. Foreign aid is a big waste.


Read more about myth two in the Gates Letter.

3. Saving lives leads to overpopulation


Read more about myth three in the Gates Letter.

Through key facts, graphs, and data Bill and Melinda Gates show that foreign aid has played a critical role in making sure people and countries move out of poverty and that lives are increasingly saved in poor and middle income countries.

We make the future sustainable when we invest in the poor, not when we insist on their suffering.” -Melinda Gates http://gates.ly/Leruz8

To read the Gates’ letter for yourself visit gatesletter.com.

Photos Copyright: Gates Foundation