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Featured Infographic: Saving Mothers’ Lives Through Inexpensive Medicines

For Mother’s Day, PAI created an infographic about saving mothers’ lives in low-and middle-income countries through simple, live-saving medicines. PAI is a global organization advancing the right to affordable, quality contraception for every woman, everywhere. Due to the small numbers of physicians in countries like Zambia, Togo, and Mali, PAI argues that frontline health workers like midwives, volunteers, and also community health workers should be trained to administer medicines including oxytocin and misoprostol for hemorrhage and magnesium sulfate for eclampsia. Continue reading Featured Infographic: Saving Mothers’ Lives Through Inexpensive Medicines

Infographic of the Week: An Integrated Approach to HIV/AIDS and Family Planning Services

An integrated approach to healthcare no matter the setting is a more effective and rights-based approach to healthier outcomes. When family planning services are available at HIV/AIDS clinics, Population Action International (PAI) believes patients will receive better care, health workers will be more efficient, and dollars will be saved.

In sub-Saharan Africa integrated clinic settings are critical to healthier outcomes. In addition to this infographic, PAI created this film last year, In One Place, to drive home the importance of integrated services to family planning and HIV/AIDS services.

PAI Infographic