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The Company 200 NGOs Rely on in Afghanistan

One of the standout geographical features about Afghanistan is its extremely remote areas.  Because of its mountains, harsh climates, and ruined infrastructure Afghanistan poses great difficulty for NGOs to reach some of the most remote parts of the country. In fact, many of those areas are only accessible by air. Providing lifesaving support to those living in Afghanistan is not easy and is, if fact, fraught with many travel challenges. One company,PACTEC, provides flight and communication support to over 200 NGOs in Afghanistan.

Pascal Depuhl, a Miami-based movie maker, visited Afghanistan to create a 15-minute documentary about PACTEC’s work to tell their story. Recently released you can watch the trailer below and support Depuhl’s efforts at www.facebook.com/moving.photo.

On Wings of Hope – Trailer from Pascal Depuhl on Vimeo.

Photo: United Nations