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SOS Children’s Villages Provides Nurse, Midwife Scholarships in Ethiopia

The more health workers there are to help, treat, and care for those who have limited access to health care the better. In Ethiopia where most of its population receives health care from trained frontline health workers the new SOS Children Villages nurse and midwife scholarships is great news. The scholarship program is a joint effort between SOS Children Villages and Johnson & Johnson.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Johnson & Johnson again to expand into other countries in Africa,” said Lynn Croneberger, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages – USA. “This program gives young people in Ethiopia a chance to pursue a valuable career path that otherwise would not have been possible, while at the same time, allowing students to better support their families and gain long-term employment in a country where nurses and midwives are in extremely high demand.”

Since October 2012 13 students have entered their first semester of classes; the start of three-year coursework at the SOS Nursing School in Makalle, Ethiopia. Because the overwhelming majority of Ethiopian women deliver their babies at home, every new midwife and nurse matters.

“Ethiopia is still one of the countries in Africa, if not the world, that is most in need of support to strengthen health services,” said Denis Robson, Director, African affairs for Johnson & Johnson. “Therefore it makes a lot of sense to continue partnering with SOS Children’s Villages on this new project to help increase the number of new trained health workers. There are so many connections that bring us together. We have a good track record — we’re a good match.”

To learn more and to donate to SOS Children’s Villages visit www.sos-usa.org.

Photo: SOS Children’s Villages