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Gift Animals from Oxfam to Those in Need

You are what you give and Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation is “being” a goat this year. You can “be” a goat or another one of Oxfam’s charity gifts at OxfamGifts.com.

Giving an animal to a family in need in a developing country can mean the difference between living in poverty and being self-sustaining. Here’s how animal gifts work.

How Many People Are Affected By the Sahel Food Crisis? Probably More Than You Think.

This is a powerful graphic from Oxfam America because it clearly shows how quickly the food crisis in the Sahel is accelerating and affecting millions more people.

One of the greatest problems right now in combating the Sahel food crisis is a lack of food aid funding. Oxfam is urging citizens to write a letter to Secretary Clinton to schedule an emergency aid conference for the Sahel. You can send your letter here.