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Featured Video: Periods Change Lives

Once girls get their period in low- and middle-income countries where resources are low, their lives change — sometimes irreparably.

When girls get their periods they oftentimes have to drop out of school and work around their home instead. And on top of that, many cannot afford sanitary napkins.

Irise International, an East African organization, is fighting the stigma of menstruation and providing easy, affordable solutions for girls when they get their periods.

See their work in their video: Periods Change Lives

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10 Top Tweets from the Family Planning Conference: Day 2

Choosing ten top tweets from day two of the International Conference on Family Planning wasn’t easy.  Thousands of experts, researchers, those representing NGOs, and stakeholders are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week at the largest conference on family planning and reproductive health. Below are ten tweets we feel are informative and provide fantastic discussion points about the issues and solutions for family planning access and services.

[Photos] Family Planning Kits from Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa

I have been fortunate to visit health posts and family planning clinics in a handful of countries. One of the things I always ask to see while visiting are family planning kits used for educational purposes for clients. Some of the kits have been fancy, others have been fairly rudimentary, but they all serve the same purpose: educating women about their options to space or prevent pregnancies.

Below are a few photos of family planning kits I have seen in Ethiopia, Zambia and South Africa. You can also check out a Marie Stopes clinic I visited this summer.

Family Planning - Ethiopia
Family Planning Kit – Ethiopia
Family Planning Kit
Family Planning Kit – Johannesburg, South Africa
Family Planning Kit - Zambia
Family Planning Kit – Lusaka, Zambia

And even though this isn’t  a family planning kit I loved seeing young teenage girls at the Fountain of Hope community center for street affected kids reminding each other about peer pressure, STIs, and pregnancy.

Fountain of Hope


Be sure to follow the following hashtags during this week’s International Conference on Family Planning: #FP2020,  #FullAccess#FamilyPlanning, and #ICFP2013.

10 Top Tweets from the #FamilyPlanning Conference: Day 1

Today was the first day of the International Conference on Family Planning in Addis Ababa. With thousands of participants at the conference there was a flurry of tweets throughout the day. Here are ten tweets we identified as extremely informative.

You can also follow the conversation at a host of hashtags: #FP2020,  #FullAccess#FamilyPlanning, and #ICFP2013.

Top 12 Twitter Handles to Follow During This Week’s #FamilyPlanning Conference #ICFP2013

This week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 4000 experts, researchers, journalists, and stakeholders are embarking upon a robust conversation about family planning and how critical it is for 222 million women in the developing world that lack access to family planning services, commodities, and education.

We have identified 12 top Twitter handles to follow during the International Conference on Family Planning from November 12 – 15 and beyond. You can follow these handles below if you are not already. You can also follow the conversation at a host of hashtags: #FP2020,  #FullAccess, #FamilyPlanning, #ICFP2013.