The Real Awards 2013

Save the Children’s The Real Awards

For one month, Save the Children would love for us to write posts about health workers that have made a difference in our lives and then ask our readers to nominate phenomenal health workers for a Real Award. We can write about nurses, doctors, hospice workers, midwives, physician assistants, community health workers, pharmacists, public health officers and nurse practitioners that have helped us.

Be sure to ask your readers to nominate a health worker they admire at

You can blog about and ask your readers to nominate a:

Clinician who diagnoses and treats health conditions while focusing on disease prevention and health management.

Focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health.

A physician or surgeon who practices medicine to promote, maintain or restore health.

A person who provides care and comfort for people who are terminally ill.

Someone trained to assist women in childbirth.

Someone qualified to assist a physician and carry out routine clinical procedures.

Members of a community who provide basic health and medical care close to home.

A person who instructs and counsels on the proper use and medicines.

Someone who protects and improves a community’s health by organizing community efforts focused on basic health care and information.

Starting September 23, 2013 the American public will be
asked to visit to nominate
and vote for inspiring U.S.-based and global health
workers making a difference in their communities and
beyond. The nomination period will be followed by a
public, online voting period for the US nominees and in
January 2014, all REAL Awards honorees will be
announced. REAL Awards trophy presentations will
take place in April 2014.

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