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Mom. Writer. Activist. Founder of the World as One Project.

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Tisha Berg

Tisha has been a freelance web copywriter and desktop publisher since 1997. She has written and edited content for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Harper Collins Children's Books, Pear Tree Greetings, Mrs. Fields Cookies and numerous small businesses. Her articles on family life, healthy living and parenting have appeared on Care.com, WorkingMother.com, AboutOne.com, LifeScript.com and UnitedWay.org. Tisha holds a bachelor's degree in theater history from Hunter College in New York City and is also certified hypnotherapist.

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Social Good Moms Contributor

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Social Good Moms

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I am a Kenyan journalist. I write about social issues, women's issues and health matters.

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Mali is a writer living in Lusaka, Zambia. She writes about wife things, mummy things, development things and creative things. She also does consultancy work in Communications and Media.

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Jennifer James

Jennifer James is the founder of Social Good Moms, a global coalition of 3000+ mothers who care about pressing global issues. She has written over 70 articles for the Gates Foundation and has written about women's and girls' issues for ELLE and Cosmo South Africa and Huffington Post's Impact. She has been named a Fast Company Most Generous Social Media Maven and is a recipient of two International Reporting Project fellowships to Zambia and Tanzania and a National Press Foundation Vaccine Fellowship. James has reported about global health from Haiti, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, the Philippines, and Zambia. You can contact Jennifer at info@mombloggersforsocialgood.com.

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Annlyel James

Hello everyone. My name is Annlyel James. I'm a young woman who loves movies of all genres (specifically 'Star Wars' and Marvel movies.) I am also a staff writer for Future of the Force.

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